Dear mailers,

April 26, 2011

This blog is dedicated to an ongoing social artistic experiment. Our projects deals mainly with snail mail, post, and letters. Through a series of topics, we hope to encourage people to create more time for the small things that matters in life. Check out our latest topic and send us a letter!


Post lovers.



Waiting for your letters! Deadline 5th June 2011! Hurry Up!

Deadline extended!

May 26, 2011

Dear mailers… Deadline for the first topic is extended to 5th of June 2011 🙂 so more time and hopefully more letters. Waiting for your letters!

Today we are going to send out our first 200 letters which explains the project and ask people to join! We will send them randomly to different districts using mail. Lets see how people would react to it :)! Still waiting for your letters :)…

We are on our way now to check our POBox for the FIRST TIME EVER!. We really hope we find some letters there :$! We are soooooo excited 🙂 wish us luck!

Almost there!

May 11, 2011

We are almost finished with the production of 500 letters to be sent  and spread randomly to people asking them to join the project. Pictures of the whole process will be uploaded soon :)! Keep posted! Hurry up and send us your letter, we cant wait to see them all… Deadline for sending 26th of May.. 16 more days to go!

Letters Production!

May 8, 2011

We are intending to spread some letters randomly to people to tell them about the project and what they should do, then we will see how many replies we will get :)!  Hopefully more than one… So in order to encourage all of you to make use of mail and its properties as much as possible, we are putting time and effort in doing the same! It is only fair :)… We used prints, ink, colors, highlighters and of course it is hand written, in order to explain our project and what should people do!… Here is the latest version, take a look and tell us what you think? Our aim is to reach 500 🙂 Wish us luck by sending us your letter!

Simple Instructions!

May 7, 2011

Here are 3 simple and easy steps to participate:

1- Express yourself about what change means to you in a letter. Express your experience, opinion, and thoughts, with any means you find suitable to be sent in a regular mail. Be creative! (check Topic #1 for more insight)

2- Place your artwork in an envelope, write your name and address on the back and our address below on the front:

إلى : منى خالد دياب
العنوان: ص.ب. ٥١٠ هليوبوليس الرئيسي
الرقم البريدي: ١١٧٥٧

3- At the nearest Post Office, buy stamps for 50 piastres (This is for sending within Cairo with normal mail), then place your envelope into the Post Box outside.

PS: If you need any info about where the nearest Post Office is, call the Egyptian Post Office hotline: 16789, they are extremely helpful people 🙂 (There are around 3800 Post Offices all over Egypt, we are sure you ll find one really close by!)

What are you waiting for! Deadline for sending 26th May 2011… Waiting for your letters!

Facebook event

May 7, 2011

Join our Facebook event:

Deadline Topic#1

May 6, 2011

As much as we hate the sound of the word “deadline”, we need to have one in order to share all your experiences, artworks, and thoughts, with other people. We will then create an exhibition in which we collect and show all the letters we received. Of course NO personal information (like name nor address) will be shown nor exhibited, it will be absolutely anonymous.

The Deadline for the first topic is then on the 26th of May 2011, Express yourself about what change means to you in a letter (check Topic #1 for more insight), and send it to the address below before May 26th.

We will announce the day of the exhibition soon… Keep posted!

Waiting for your letters 🙂


May 6, 2011

Finally we have our P.O.Box in Heliopolis Post Office!

This is the address to which you should send your letter to:

إلى : منى خالد دياب
العنوان: ص.ب. ٥١٠ هليوبوليس الرئيسي
الرقم البريدي: ١١٧٥٧
!Waiting for your letters